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Did you know that many background check services exist which cater to the criminal background check needs of the general public? That's right, you don't have to be a government official to access this information. Many private companies offer an online background check which can reveal a great deal of information on any person in the country. It has been clearly demonstrated that when civilians are able to instantly check someone's background and be aware of any criminal history or other evidence of wrongdoing, they are less likely to be victimized by this person.

Almost every employer at this point in time utilizes criminal background checks in the hiring process. This has multiple benefits. First off, criminals and other undesirable employees will be much less likely to even apply to the company if they know that a criminal background check is conducted on all job candidates. This has a very positive effect on the quality of the applicant pool. Time and money will also be saved, as the company will no longer spend time interviewing candidates who are not likely to be hired anyway due to a criminal conviction or other questionable activity.

Employers also benefit from an online background check even after the hiring process: the record of the background check being performed will reduce the company's liability should the troublesome employee cause injury or damages to one of your other employees. It is estimated that negligent hiring lawsuits cost over $10,000,000 per year in legal fees. The price for a simple cheap background check is nominal compared to the risk involved with hiring employees without a criminal background check. As an employer, it is your duty to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Performing background checks on job candidates will show your workers that you take their safety and security very seriously, thereby improving workplace morale.

The depth and scope of information included on a criminal background check depends on how much you are willing to pay. Felonies, sex offenses, and other serious convictions will be revealed by a cheap background check. This is the lowest-cost option and may give you all of the information you need. However, if you are unsure, it would be wise to spring for a more expensive background check service. Top-of-the-line background checks are also available which will unearth details you never thought possible. Some of these high-level services are almost like hiring a private investigator.

However, commercial background check services are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970. This law stipulates that some information over a certain number of years old may not be included in commercial background checks. Read up on this law and make sure you are not missing anything important. This regulation does not apply to government background checks, so if you are able to access those resources, you may be able to find the missing information after all.

As you can see, ordering an online background check is no complicated affair. It is just as easy as ordering anything else online. There is many a background check review available which can greatly help you in your decision.


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